No bank issues credits to e-wallets, including WebPera — only to a card, to a bank account, or in cash. If you need a certain amount of money in this wallet, transfer it from a card or account. You can also arrange a microloan from the IFC, which accepts WebPera for payments.


A maternity loan is the amount that is issued to the owner of the maternity capital certificate and is repaid at the expense of it. Such loans are issued in banks and are targeted – go to the improvement of living conditions. Get a loan under matkapital in IFC can not.


Before making a microloan it is useful to calculate the interest yourself. For this you need to know the amount, term and interest rate. You will need a sheet of paper and a pen to record the results, as well as a calculator with support for calculating interest.


The most common cause of failure

loan failure

Problems with credit history. Then it is best to try to fix it. If refused because of an incorrect application, try to resend it with correct information. If you do not meet the requirements of the IFC – contact another company that is more loyal. Pay off existing debts if you are refused due to them.


In order to calculate the overpayment on a loan yourself, you need to know its amount, term and interest rate. You also need to clarify the scheme of repayment – annuity or differentiated. You will need a pen, paper and calculator with the function of counting interest.


The interest rate at which you can get a loan from Belt-Bank depends on the specific offer, your status as a client and your characteristics – income, length of service, credit history and others. A simple consumer loan for new customers is valid at a rate from 16.99% to 24.99% per annum.


Most banks require a down payment

Most banks require a down payment

Part of the cost of housing – when you make a mortgage. But some banks – Bakalbigaybank, SMP, Pakobank and others – offer such loans without a down payment. But they are not always convenient for the borrower.


Banks do not issue loans to e-wallets, including Wiwe – they transfer money to a card or account, or give it in cash. But you can list any part of such a loan to the wallet. You can also arrange a microloan with the payment on Wiwe – they are offered by many IFC and ICC.


When you make any loans, ABC24 issues a bank card with which you can pay off debts. But you can also repay a loan at any ATM of the ABC Group – for this you need a contract, a card of any bank and the required amount in cash or in an account.


IFC Akogasto offers its borrowers various ways to repay a loan – by credit card, Wiwe and Akopera e-wallets, in Contact service points, by bank transfer, in Euroset and Svyaznoy stores, and in Wiwe payment terminals.


There are a lot of offers on the microloan market

There are a lot of offers on the microloan market

It is difficult to find a universal one among them. Conditions in different companies will be convenient for different situations. For example, those who want to issue a large amount of debt will be suitable for MigCredit, those who take a microloan for the first time – E Loan, those who need money urgently – and those who want to get a cash loan – Fast Money.


Microfinance companies strictly ensure that borrowers return their microloans on time. In case of small delays, they will remind you of the payment every day. With long-term – charge fines and penalties. If serious – will transfer the debt to collectors or bailiffs.


Where to draw a microloan under low interest in 2017. General information, conditions and comparison of offers.

Microfinance business involves issuing loans from MFIs to individuals and businesses on a regular basis.

Most often, such loans are short-term and are provided at a relatively high percentage.


However, among the huge variety of offers you can find the most profitable, with acceptable conditions and requirements. It is only important to carefully examine the proposed contract, analyzing all the points.