Loans: I find the loan that suits me

A loan, or credit, is a budget advance granted by a bank or financial institution for the financing of a project. The sum borrowed, plus interest, must be repaid in full by the deadlines set by both parties. All of these elements are listed in the said loan agreement. It is quite possible for you to perform a credit simulation on Good Credit to get an overview. fleshes this out

What are the types of loans?


Depending on the reason for the loan, it is important to separate two types of credit. If the amount is paid directly to the borrower’s account and he can dispose of it at his convenience without having to justify his expenses, it is a personal loan . On the other hand, if the sum is allocated to a specific project, such as the purchase of a car, the loan is said to be affected .

Personal loan

Personal loan

A personal loan , also known as an installment loan or all purpose loan, is a consumer loan with fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payments specified in the contract. The applicant can borrow and use the sum received at his convenience without the need to justify it. This credit does not finance a defined purchase: it is therefore unassigned . The interest rate is generally higher for an unallocated personal loan than an assigned loan because the lender has no collateral. On the other hand, the sum is generally quickly available and the steps are few. But as for any loan, it requires to be able to justify income (pay sheets and bank statements) and prove that the amount borrowed can be reimbursed.

The organization of a wedding, a trip to Latin America, the purchase of a new television, the financing of studies of your children, … often require the borrowing of a certain amount. These are all examples of personal loans. If you want to make a comparison, you can go to this page and perform a credit simulation.

Loan study

Loan study

The study loan is a financial aid granted by the Communities to students and families who fail to finance studies in one go. This credit covers the various expenses related to the student life: the payment of the minerval, the purchase of the books, manuals and other material, the renting of a kot as well as the cost of the daily life. The student credit can be refunded in the following ways:

  • immediate : the monthly repayment starts immediately;
  • deferred : usually beginning 6 months after graduation.

In order to benefit from relatively low rates, it is important to estimate the amount of income and expenses to have a clear idea of ​​monthly inflows and outflows, and to try to find a student job in order to borrow less or bring in proof of income.

Take an example: the cost of studying for 5 years (Master) in Belgium.

  • The cost of a minerval is about 850 € per year. This represents nearly 4,250 € for 5 years .
  • Books and textbooks are also to be taken into account and the cost associated with it varies between € 2,000 and € 3,500 for 5 years .
  • The price of the accommodation will vary according to the type to choose, but it is possible to lodge for about 350 € / month. The lease period is usually one year. This amounts to € 21,000 over 5 years .
  • The food is about 200 € / month, ie 12,000 € over 5 years.
  • The price of transport varies greatly depending on the city and the means of transport. For example, a STIB subscription (for a student under 24 years old) in the capital costs 50 € / year ( 250 € for 5 years ).
  • Student life (social, cultural, sports) also has a cost, estimated at around € 50 / month, ie € 3,000 for 5 years .

Wedding loan

Wedding loan

A wedding requires a large budget and it is not always possible to pay such a sum at once. A wedding loan is a great option to enjoy this amazing day. This credit can be used to cover the purchase of the dress, the rental of the reception room or to pay the caterer and the DJ. The repayment is spread over time and helps to put the pill of these considerable expenses.

Electronic devices loan

Electronic devices loan

An electronic device loan allows, as the name suggests, to buy appliances, a new phone, a computer, a camera, … It is generally more interesting to turn to a banking institution to take such credit rather than the commercial sign, which acts as an intermediary and, therefore, takes a commission.

Redemption of credits


Also known as debt consolidation, refinancing or loan consolidation, the redemption of credits involves taking out a loan to repay all others: borrow money to pay back existing loans. The selected financial institution clears all outstanding credits and offers a single loan whereby all payments are combined into a single monthly payment, a single interest rate and a single repayment term. No more complex repayments of different loans.

On the side of benefits, monthly payments, interest rates and duration are specified in advance in the contract and refund management is very simple. On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to obtain debt consolidation, the duration of the debt and the total amount to be paid are higher.

Loan for an apartment renovation

The issue of repair is relevant for many. It may occur when buying a new apartment or if you want to improve your current living conditions. But after the interested person familiarizes himself with the prices of materials and repair work, another question arises: where to get the money? And the solution is often lending in banking organizations. Today we will tell you how to get a loan for the repair of an apartment, what conditions are offered by banks and what are the types of such loans.

Define goals and opportunities

Define goals and opportunities

As with any loan processing, in order to find the most advantageous offer that is appropriate in a particular case, you need to decide on the objectives of lending. First you need to estimate the amount that will be needed to repair the apartment. Then decide how it is possible to repair the property: it will be self-repair or appeal to a construction company that will perform the turnkey work.

It is also worth considering that with a significant amount of over 500,000 rudders, you may need to pledge real estate or secure a deal with guarantors. Evaluate your financial capacity for the payment of monthly payments, the ability to provide a down payment, as well as understand what the term of the contract will be acceptable. Let us turn to possible solutions for loans to repair the apartment.

No credit

No credit


This is a type of contract when a bank issues money without specifying how the client plans to dispose of them. It, including, can be considered as a consumer loan for repairs. The borrower receives the money, independently disposes of them to purchase material or pay for repairs. A banking organization sets conditions on a payment schedule, and the client only needs to deposit money in time to the account, avoiding overdue debts.

Cash loans are always characterized by higher interest rates. There are restrictions on the amount of credit, no more than 1,500,000 rubles, and the terms – they do not exceed 5 years. The positive side of the issue is the fact that such a contract does not require additional information, collateral or guarantors of the transaction.

It is enough to contact the bank office or fill out an application through the website and provide proof of identity. We want to note that the less the bank receives information about the borrower, the higher the interest rate will be and the less favorable conditions for the client.



To apply for a non-purpose housing renovation loan, we recommend preparing the following set of documents:

  • passport;
  • an application for a loan, which is provided by the bank;
  • certificate of income;
  • a copy of the workbook with signatures and seals from the employer.

A bank company may request an additional set of documents, but, as a rule, this is sufficient. A common cause of failure is a corrupt credit history. You can find out your story by contacting the credit bureau.



Non-earmarked loans – this is one of the most common types of lending. Such a proposal is available in any bank. Consider several current options at the moment.

ABC banking

In ABC banking, you will receive a loan for the repair of an apartment in the amount of not more than 3,000,000 rubles. The maximum contract period is up to 5 years, and the current interest rate starts at 12.9%. The application is made through the site or personal account, but you can go to the office of the banking organization.

For consideration and decision making, the bank will need 2 working days. After that, you can come and collect money on hand or arrange a transaction to transfer funds to an account in any commercial bank, as a rule, a debit card is attached to the account.

The advantage is enjoyed by those who have a salary project in ABC banking. For them, the rates will be lower by at least 1%. The maximum contract rate is 19.9%. For financing no collateral or guarantors are needed.

24/7 Banking

24/7 Banking offers to apply for a non-earmarked loan for home renovation using two available programs that directly depend on the amount of funding. Up to 400,000 rubles interest rate ranges from 16 to 22%. If the amount is required more, the bank can issue it at 15-15.5%. The credit limit is 5 million rubles.

An agreement is drawn up on standard terms with the provision of a full package of documents, including income certificates. Clients with a salary card can enjoy interest rate discounts. The bank does not charge fees for the issuance of funds, and the money can be withdrawn already after 2 working days from the date of filing the application.

Trust loan

The second option for obtaining funds for repair is to issue a target loan for the repair of an apartment. The essence of such a contract is close to lending for goods in stores. The bank transfers the money on the basis of the client’s application, the borrower receives the goods, in this case the repair, and undertakes to return the money within the deadlines set by the banking organization. The seller, who received funding, provides the necessary services.

But if everything is simple with a regular consumer loan or car loan, here it is necessary to estimate the amount of the transaction. To do this, you first need to contact the construction company and clarify with them the possibility of lending by signing preliminary documents.

The organization should make an estimate for the work, in which the total amount that the borrower will take on credit will be indicated. Then with the documents from the company to contact the bank for processing the transaction.

The bank organization will request a standard package of documents for the loan and provide an answer within 2-3 business days. After this period the loan can be signed, and the construction company will begin to carry out repairs according to the agreed conditions.

The risks of such a transaction are that the borrower assumes all responsibility for the loan obligations, and the quality of the work performed does not affect the credit in any way. The client will have to settle all disputable issues with the construction company and, as a last resort, in court.

Credit Bank


This banking organization is ready to provide a loan of up to 5 million rubles. With a rate of 15% per annum. The terms of the contract do not exceed 5 years. The money is handed out to the client, who will have to keep all checks for payment for goods and services. During lending, a banking organization may request documentation to confirm the intended use of the loan.

If the client fails to prove that all the money has been spent for the intended purpose, then he will be fined. Also, an unconfirmed amount will need to be returned to the bank.

Mortgage agreement

Mortgage agreement


And the last option is a mortgage loan for repairs. This is not a mortgage in the classical sense, but a consumer loan secured by existing real estate. Such a contract is used to increase the amount of the transaction or if the bank refuses to lend without collateral.

The essence of the contract is that the bank issues money for any purpose, and the borrower provides the property as a guarantee that it will return the loan amount. If the debt is not returned, the banking company sells the collateral in favor of debt repayment.

According to the law, it is not possible to secure a transaction if the client has only one apartment. Since the bank will not be able to sell it, the borrower will simply have nowhere to live. Therefore, as a deposit take an additional apartment, land, house, garage.

Issued no more than 50-70% of the value of the property. Evaluation will have to be carried out at their own expense. In addition to standard documents, you will need:

  • cadastral passport;
  • certificate of EGRP;
  • contract of sale;
  • registration certificate;
  • confirmation of the consent of the spouse;
  • appraisal report.

ABC banking

Credit for the repair of an apartment in ABC banking can be issued at 12% per annum. The amount of the banking organization will provide up to 10 million rubles. And the maximum period is 20 years. But this does not mean that in this way you can get all 10 million. The bank is ready to allocate money in the amount of 60% of the proposed collateral.

In addition, if you do not have a salary card, then it is worth adding 0.5%, and without a life and health insurance contract another 1%. Thus, the interest rate can reach 13.5% per annum. The borrower must reside in the territory of the Russian Federation, and the property is located within 100 km from the settlement and in a region where there is a representative office of the bank.

How to make a financial partner of a spouse and why?

Young people (boys and girls) often decide to live together under the influence of strong emotional cravings towards each other. During the meetings before marriage, as well as in the first years after the wedding, the discussion of mundane money issues looks unromantic and even indecent. If young people are attracted to each other by mutual tender feelings, then it’s tactless to discuss who should pay for what.

At the same time, it is precisely financial disagreements that inevitably appear in the process of a long life together can lead to a cooling of relations, unnecessary conflicts and even the breakup of the union . A man and a woman in a family are forced to maintain a common household, to distribute available monetary resources. And if you do not work out common approaches to boring household and financial issues in advance, then high feelings can soon be replaced by insults, dissatisfaction, misunderstanding and quarrels.

To avoid controversy, a man and a woman living in a pair must agree on:

  • which items should consist of their total family budget;
  • what amounts will be spent for one purpose or another;
  • how the family budget will be filled: who will contribute what part to it;
  • where will the money be taken for the personal expenses of each spouse;
  • what large financial expenses will be in priority.

When there are financial disagreements in the family

When there are financial disagreements in the family

Most young people who have just got married do not have a solid financial income. The first years after the creation of a family, the newlyweds, as a rule, are engaged in joint survival in harsh conditions. Chronic or recurring financial difficulties in young people are compensated by romantic experiences with each other.

Over time, the professional qualifications of the spouses will grow. Both of them (or one of them) will begin to climb the corporate ladder. As a result, the family will have a financial surplus. And if at the previous stages of family life , the priorities of spending were not established between the spouses and there was no agreement on this issue, then in the future this could serve as a ground for discord .

So, perhaps, one of the members of a married couple had long dreamed about expensive repairs in the apartment, and the second about annual travels abroad. It is good if the money earned is enough for them to finance all these areas. But most often money turns out to be allocated only for one thing. If the spouses are not accustomed to discuss what it is better to spend their income on, then the following situation may arise: one of the partners will realize their dream, and someone – the dream of another. One of their spouses will feel slighted. Dissatisfaction can lead to emotional breakdowns, disputes, conflicts, deterioration of relationships.

Of course, financial differences are inherent not only to those families in which there is prosperity. It is not always possible to agree on where it is better to spend the available funds, and those people who live on the verge of poverty. Ideally, such spouses need to develop a joint action plan to overcome the difficult situation: to find sources of increasing income, to optimize costs. But often the husband and wife, tired of lack of money, by all means try to snatch as much money from the family budget as possible in order to satisfy their personal needs.

As a result, we can draw the following conclusion: the existence of financial disagreements does not depend on the level of wealth in the family. Disputes and conflicts arise when the spouses have not discussed their financial relationships and have not reached a mutual understanding on this issue.


How to make a financial partner out of a spouse

There are few families in which the future husband and wife agree on the principles of financial relations even before entering into marriage. In most cases, common family spending at newlyweds occurs spontaneously. Often, one spouse gives the second a large part of the money earned by him, leaving him only for personal needs. In the future, he, as a rule, does not understand what money is spent on. And in case of a shortage of funds, he begins to rebuke his partner in the wrong management of the budget.

How to make financial discrepancies not spoil the relationship? You just need to first discuss all the controversial issues and find a common mutually beneficial solution. How financial relationships in a family will be built depends largely on who of the spouses earns money (one or both).

If both spouses work in a family

If both spouses work in a family

Traditionally, the earner in the family was a man. The woman was engaged in housekeeping and raising children, and, as a rule, was dependent on her husband. By how well the husband maintained his wife, outsiders evaluated his strength. On the other hand, the woman was completely dependent on her husband.

In the modern world, in order to earn money, it is not necessary to have great physical strength. The level of women’s wages is gradually compared to the level of men’s wages. This trend could not affect the interaction between spouses in families.

Family psychologists and personal finance specialists advise: if both spouses earn a couple, both should contribute to the replenishment of the family budget . Probably, this approach does not seem to all romantic. However, only this way you can create a foundation for a strong relationship between a man and a woman for many years. Becoming financial partners, spouses will rely on mutual understanding and appreciation of each other. Otherwise, the union of a man and a woman can turn into a forced coexistence based on a lack of money.

The expenses of all people living in families are divided into general and personal. The general family expenses include the purchase of food, household goods, payment of utilities, savings for the purchase of an apartment, car, vacation.

Spouses should agree in advance what contribution each of them will make to pay for family expenses . If a man and a woman have approximately the same level of wages, then family spending 50/50 (or in some other way, depending on the situation) can be distributed. The family budget and the planned expenses should be discussed by the spouses every month. Only such an approach will allow them to avoid mutual differences, grievances and conflicts.

And for personal expenses, it is better for men and women to spend their own money (maybe only sometimes asking for help). At the same time, if the spouse regularly contributes his share to the general budget, it is incorrect to control the size and composition of his expenses “for himself”.

In the same joint way it is worth making savings on large purchases (apartment, car, cottage, rest). The priority of large-scale spending should also be negotiated in advance. Perhaps one spouse dreams of a cozy cottage, and the second – a luxury car. In this case, it is necessary to agree on the sequence of purchases. You should also jointly discuss the level of premium and the estimated cost of the planned acquisition. After all, jointly saving for a car worth 800 thousand rubles is one thing, and for a car worth 3 million it is something else.

If one of the spouses temporarily has no financial income

If one of the spouses temporarily has no financial income

One of the spouses for some reason may temporarily stop working and receive wages. This can happen if you lose your job. Also in such situations, women always find themselves during maternity leave and during the care of a newborn child.

Most often, the spouse or spouse believes that taking care of their maintenance, including payment of personal expenses, in such cases automatically falls on the second member of the couple. However, it will not be superfluous to discuss all the nuances in advance, and not to allow the solution of such issues to run free. It should also be established how much money will be specifically allocated for the personal expenses of the temporarily unemployed spouse . We should proceed here, of course, from the real needs and possibilities of the couple. Honest and open discussion will help avoid misunderstanding, dissatisfaction, unnecessary grievances and quarrels.

If only one spouse works in a family

There are also such families in which only one spouse works (most often – a man). In such unions, the husband can be a rationally minded person who can financially meet the needs of all family members. The woman is engaged in maintaining a cozy atmosphere in the house. And in his spare time he is engaged in the search for harmony with the Universe.

A man who finances the needs of the whole family may be tempted to individually decide how to spend the money earned. A woman can assume that her husband’s financial success is also there. And she also has the right to part of the income of her spouse.

What could cause a conflict? For example, due to the fact that a joint collective meditation of a wife with a visiting Indian guru will require 3 times more money than a husband is willing to spend on “some traveling quack”.

But if a man decided to fully assume the maintenance of a woman, then they should jointly determine the amount that will be allocated to the mistress of the house for personal needs . To avoid this question in silence and let its decision take its course is dangerous and fraught with conflicts. And after the adoption of a mutual decision to one side, it is desirable not to exceed the agreed budget. The second side does not need to control how the money allocated is spent. If necessary, it will be possible to conduct additional negotiations to change the amount provided.

Joint planning and filling the family budget, relative freedom in personal spending, willingness to provide a loved one with the necessary help in difficult situations will make the union of a man and a woman mutually beneficial and strong. Spouses will be able to combine their efforts to achieve common high goals. At the same time, they will feel relatively independent. And the person will not have a feeling that his interests are not being satisfied.

What you need to agree before marriage

What you need to agree before marriage

In order for a truly partnership financial relationship to form between a man and a woman, many years have to pass. Few of the newlyweds manage to do this.

At the same time, there are issues that need to be clarified by loving each other young people before marriage. This is, above all , the attitude of the future partner to consumer loans and gambling .

If a person does not see anything terrible in spending more than earning, then marrying him is dangerous. With such a person it is impossible to agree on joint savings for large-scale purchases. His money will go to pay for loans, which he took to meet his immediate needs. He will not achieve lofty goals, and will prevent his partner from doing so.

Low Interest Loans

No bank issues credits to e-wallets, including WebPera — only to a card, to a bank account, or in cash. If you need a certain amount of money in this wallet, transfer it from a card or account. You can also arrange a microloan from the IFC, which accepts WebPera for payments.


A maternity loan is the amount that is issued to the owner of the maternity capital certificate and is repaid at the expense of it. Such loans are issued in banks and are targeted – go to the improvement of living conditions. Get a loan under matkapital in IFC can not.


Before making a microloan it is useful to calculate the interest yourself. For this you need to know the amount, term and interest rate. You will need a sheet of paper and a pen to record the results, as well as a calculator with support for calculating interest.


The most common cause of failure

loan failure

Problems with credit history. Then it is best to try to fix it. If refused because of an incorrect application, try to resend it with correct information. If you do not meet the requirements of the IFC – contact another company that is more loyal. Pay off existing debts if you are refused due to them.


In order to calculate the overpayment on a loan yourself, you need to know its amount, term and interest rate. You also need to clarify the scheme of repayment – annuity or differentiated. You will need a pen, paper and calculator with the function of counting interest.


The interest rate at which you can get a loan from Belt-Bank depends on the specific offer, your status as a client and your characteristics – income, length of service, credit history and others. A simple consumer loan for new customers is valid at a rate from 16.99% to 24.99% per annum.


Most banks require a down payment

Most banks require a down payment

Part of the cost of housing – when you make a mortgage. But some banks – Bakalbigaybank, SMP, Pakobank and others – offer such loans without a down payment. But they are not always convenient for the borrower.


Banks do not issue loans to e-wallets, including Wiwe – they transfer money to a card or account, or give it in cash. But you can list any part of such a loan to the wallet. You can also arrange a microloan with the payment on Wiwe – they are offered by many IFC and ICC.


When you make any loans, ABC24 issues a bank card with which you can pay off debts. But you can also repay a loan at any ATM of the ABC Group – for this you need a contract, a card of any bank and the required amount in cash or in an account.


IFC Akogasto offers its borrowers various ways to repay a loan – by credit card, Wiwe and Akopera e-wallets, in Contact service points, by bank transfer, in Euroset and Svyaznoy stores, and in Wiwe payment terminals.


There are a lot of offers on the microloan market

There are a lot of offers on the microloan market

It is difficult to find a universal one among them. Conditions in different companies will be convenient for different situations. For example, those who want to issue a large amount of debt will be suitable for MigCredit, those who take a microloan for the first time – E Loan, those who need money urgently – and those who want to get a cash loan – Fast Money.


Microfinance companies strictly ensure that borrowers return their microloans on time. In case of small delays, they will remind you of the payment every day. With long-term – charge fines and penalties. If serious – will transfer the debt to collectors or bailiffs.


Where to draw a microloan under low interest in 2017. General information, conditions and comparison of offers.

Microfinance business involves issuing loans from MFIs to individuals and businesses on a regular basis.

Most often, such loans are short-term and are provided at a relatively high percentage.


However, among the huge variety of offers you can find the most profitable, with acceptable conditions and requirements. It is only important to carefully examine the proposed contract, analyzing all the points.

Personal Payday Loans – Consumer Credit

Consumer credit is the set of all those financing activities for people or families that serve the primary needs of spending households. For example, consumer credit today is one of the main channels that support consumption, allowing payments to be deferred over time, paying in installments and postponing expenses.

In the USA, for example, consumer credit is one of the main levers for current spending by American families.


Main forms and credit instruments

credit instruments

Long-term loans for purposes such as buying a house like a mortgage do not fall into the category of consumer credit. Loans for securities investments for companies such as equipment leases are not consumer credit either.

In Italy, ONLY the banks, together with the financial intermediaries registered in special registers, are the only ones authorized to provide consumer credit.

We remind you that all operators authorized to carry out the profession of credit brokers, such as agents in financial activities that perform credit intermediation, must be registered with the Body of agents and credit brokers (OAM).

The Consumer Code governs the institution of financial intermediation as per Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206, and the fundamental changes made by the legislative decree 13th August 2010 n. 141.


The main forms of consumer credit

The first distinction to be made is that of finalized consumer credit and unfinished consumer credit.


The final consumer credit (or finalized loan)

The final consumer credit (or finalized loan)

In this first case, these are financings that have as their purpose the purchase of a movable asset, the purchase of a trip or the furnishing of one’s own home, the purchase of a television, a car or a smartphone. Typically access to consumer credit is aimed at when you buy at a point of sale (or even online) agreement and, instead of paying the full price due, you require a loan that allows you to pay in installments the price of the good and spread it over time.

The customer is therefore bound to the purchase of a consumer good, for this reason, it is termed consumer credit, having to specify the purpose of the loan and necessarily bringing to the attention of the financing institution. In this case, the financed amount will be paid directly to the seller, while the consumer may return the price of the asset in installments to the lender, with additional interest and any expenses.


Non-finalized consumer credit (or non-finalized loan)

credit loan

The second type of consumer credit is the non-finalized loan, in which the customer has no restrictions on the destination and is free to dispose of the requested amount on loan without having to specify the motivation. The financed amount will then be credited directly to the consumer’s bank account.

Generally speaking, the targeted loans differ from the latter due to their greater simplicity and rapidity in the establishment of the practice of consumer credit, in fact, they can sometimes be provided by the same sales point of the good in question thanks to commercial and financial agreements with the banks.

Non-finalized consumer credit, on the other hand, provides a loan that will be granted exclusively by credit institutions.

The consumer has at his disposal a very high offer of the possibility of tools with which to access personal payday loans or consumer credit, we state some main types:

  1. personal payday loan;
  2. Fifth salary assignment;
  3. Credit card, also prepaid;
  4. Forms of payment both postponed and in installments;
  5. Consolidation and refinancing of previous debt.

For example, we mention two of the most used tools that we will explore later. The personal payday loan, which is the most widespread product on the financial market, is less complex but is subject to a greater credit risk for the granting institution, because the concession is mainly influenced by the creditworthiness of the consumer; We will deal with it in a special chapter of this guide, given the diffusion and importance today in Italy.

The salary assignment is a much more complex instrument, but it represents a valid alternative for those who are not allowed access to other forms of credit.

Both instruments are subject to limitations and resolution conditions, which will be extensively described in the respective chapters of our online loan guide, together with more technical information such as interest rates, insurance, guarantees, and preliminary inquiry procedures.


Can I get a loan to the guarantor?

Many banks, considering applications for a loan, require the involvement of guarantors as a source of additional financial guarantees for the return of funds. Especially important is the presence of persons willing to vouch for the successful return of large amounts of loans. Having signed the obligations, sometimes it is doubtful whether the guarantor can take the loan himself if the need arises.

Difficulties in obtaining a loan by the guarantor


As a rule, the closest people and relatives who are ready to help in finding a source of funding and are confident in the responsibility of the borrower become the guarantors. However, even in this case, when the client’s solvency deteriorates, payment interruptions often occur, delays are formed, and fines are charged. If the borrower cannot find a compromise solution with the bank, the latter will necessarily turn to the guarantor with the requirement to pay the loan debt with all interest and penalties accrued.

A citizen who has become a guarantee for the lender of successful repayment of a loan is not insured against the occurrence of financial obligations to make payments for the borrower. As a result, it is very difficult to predict the level of income and monthly expenses of a person. Therefore, turning to the bank for lending, the guarantor may face a refusal, even if the level of income confirmed by the certificate is sufficient to repay its own loan.

According to paragraph 1 of Art. 363 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, when appealing to a court for the repayment of the debt, the bank makes claims:

  • on the main debt;
  • accrued interest;
  • fines;
  • judicial penalties.

In the future, to “whitewash” the reputation, the guarantor will have to spend a lot of time and effort to update the records with personal information in the credit bureaus (BKI) in the following ways:

  1. Making high-interest loans at banks that are loyal to the payer’s reputation, compensating for possible losses by high overpayment of interest. We will have to arrange and successfully repay several loans, the total amount of which will depend on the size of the debts of the first borrower.
  2. Contacting a microfinance organization collaborating with a credit bureau. Within a short period, you can get small loans and quickly repay them by paying interest for each day of using borrowed funds. In microfinance structures, it is easiest to lend money, requiring one passport for registration. Of course, the overpayment price will be significant, but in the future the guarantor will be able to expect to receive a conventional loan in a normal bank on favorable terms and a large amount.

Reasons for refusal

Reasons for refusal


The law does not limit the rights of guarantors to apply to the bank for their own credit. However, in practice, when there is a need for a loan, a person with a guarantee faces the difficulty of a limited choice of banks and loan offers. The reason lies in the financial issue – the bank has doubts whether the prospective client will be able to successfully cover the debt for another person and make his own monthly payments.

Some banks refuse to issue a loan to the guarantors, however, most often the financial institution will consider the application and issue a positive decision by adjusting the loan amount to a lower rate or by requesting additional guarantees. Making a decision, representatives of the bank will consider:

  1. Credit history of a person.
  2. His solvency and level of income.
  3. Available loan commitments and guarantees.
  4. The willingness of the applicant to provide additional security.

As follows from this list, the outstanding loan, in which a citizen is listed as a guarantor, can significantly reduce the chances of successfully lending the required amount in the bank:

  1. If the main borrower stops paying the loan or makes payments out of time, not in full, chaotically, the credit history and reputation deteriorate not only with the main payer, but also with his guarantor.
  2. With the deterioration of the financial position of the borrower, the bank may shift the financial burden on payments to the guarantor, which negatively affects its solvency.

These situations are quite common, so the bank will be wary of the guarantor’s request and, most likely, will reduce the amount of the credit line given the high risk that a citizen has to pay other people’s debts. If the payer of the first loan made large and long delays, the credit history of the person who vouched for the other one would be irrevocably damaged, which would lead to the refusal of banks to issue a loan. As a result, a person becomes a hostage of how the first borrower will behave in relation to the bank.

In any case, if the principal payer for the loan failed the guarantor, the latter will face a lot of trouble associated with correcting their own reputation and regulating the financial issue with the debtor’s bank.

Loan Tips

Loan Tips


Vouching for someone on the loan, you need to be prepared for difficulties in negotiating your own loan. However, with careful preparation, taking into account the following recommendations, the chances for a loan are increased:

  1. Success in issuing a loan depends on the integrity of the client and the accuracy of the information provided to the bank. Do not hide from the bank the fact of execution of the guarantee. Filling out the questionnaire, you must make full information about yourself and your financial situation. Attempting to hide information can lead to a categorical refusal of the bank without the possibility of rectifying the situation. Being a commercial structure, the bank aims to obtain a guaranteed profit, which is questioned in view of the revealed fraud by a citizen.
  2. When preparing for a branch visit, you should carefully evaluate your payment ability in advance, taking into account the risk of default on the first loan and the need to repay other people’s obligations in the future. If you reduce the amount requested in the questionnaire, the chances of getting a loan increase.
  3. If the first loan, in which the citizen acted as a guarantor, was recently repaid, the information on closing the loan might not have time to be added to the CII. It is possible to avoid refusal due to a guarantee if you take a certificate from a bank stating that recent credit obligations have been fully repaid and the creditor bank has no financial claims to the guarantor.
  4. When the income level does not allow you to take a personal loan, there is an opportunity to relinquish the guarantee by re-issuing obligations to another person who meets the requirements of the bank. After the approval of a new candidate for the role of a guarantor, a citizen will be able to calmly apply to the bank and expect to receive the necessary loan.

Having signed the guarantee for the loan of another person, there is no doubt that it is possible to get a loan for yourself. If there is a need for borrowed funds, the guarantor has many options for processing the contract as a borrower. Having been refused in one bank, they seek approval of a loan from another credit institution. There are a lot of banks interested in attracting as many customers as possible and willing to take certain risks.

What documents are needed to get a loan from a bank?

When issuing borrowed funds, the lender must be sure that the borrowed amount will return with interest in the period specified in the contract. The bank will judge the reliability of a person based on the submitted papers. The list of which documents are needed for a loan depends largely on the type of loan requested, the amount, and the need for collateral.

The presence of an incomplete package provided to a financial institution, gives reason to doubt the reliability of the client and the success of the proposed cooperation.

Required package of documents


The essence of credit relations is concluded in the principle of compensation – the bank issues funds and expects their return within a certain period with accrued interest. To get a loan, you need to convince the bank that there is no risk of no return and a safe return of the loan with interest income.

For this reason, the financial institution will request a mandatory set of documents, without which it is impossible to enter into a loan agreement. First of all, the borrower must provide:

  1. A passport or other equivalent identity document.
  2. The second document (it can be a SNILS, international passport, for men – a military ID).

Without presenting his main certificate to the creditor’s office, a citizen will not be able to receive even the smallest amount. Even if an online application is negotiated, it must be remembered that this approval is preliminary. For proper registration will require the presentation of at least the original passport.

The minimum list of securities, as a rule, is necessary for taking an ordinary consumer loan in the range of 10–50 thousand rubles. As the credit line increases, the creditor’s claim to a candidate becomes higher.

The obligatory list is supplemented with additional references for obtaining a loan from the bank:

  • a reference from work on salary for the last 3–6 months will allow assessing the level of solvency (this may be 2-NDFL or a certificate in the form of a bank);
  • certified copy of labor indicates a stable employment.

Depending on the features of the program, the list may be added at the discretion of the bank. Each application is considered individually, and if you intend to issue a loan with collateral, the future client will have to collect an additional package of supporting papers.

Additional list of documents

Additional list of documents


The following list contains all additional papers that may be useful to get a loan for any of the programs:

  • driver’s rights (especially relevant for the issuance of a loan to buy a car);
  • registration certificate on the vehicle;
  • certificate of registration as a taxpayer;
  • SNILS;
  • international passport;
  • insurance policy on the collateral;
  • certificates confirming the ownership of the collateral property;
  • extracts testifying that the creditor owns a certain amount of securities or keeps funds on deposit;
  • diploma of graduation;
  • credit documentation from other banks;
  • statements of the credit account or the absence of debt;
  • evidence confirming marital status or having children.

More difficult is the process of negotiating a loan with collateral. The bank must be convinced of the high liquidity of the object and the availability of insurance coverage for an unforeseen event.

In housing loans, often the collateral becomes the acquired property or existing property. In order to assess the value of the collateral and set the maximum possible loan limit, the bank establishes which certificates are necessary for a loan with collateral.

The financial institution asks to prepare:

  • contract of sale, gift, certificate of inheritance, other paper confirming the right to property;
  • certificate of state registration of real estate in Rosreestr;
  • cadastral passport, floor plan;
  • construction permits;
  • extract from the Unified State Register;
  • extract from the house book.

If a loan is issued for the purchase of a car, consider documents on movable property:

  • contract for the purchase of a car;
  • receipt of payment of the first installment from the car dealership;
  • registration certificate from the former owner (for used cars);
  • PTS.

In addition, the borrower draws up and submits to the bank an insurance agreement for a collateral object.

Documents required for guarantors and individual entrepreneurs



Banks lend to private entrepreneurs with less eagerness, because incomes from entrepreneurship are characterized by instability. If there is a need for additional fundraising, the IP addresses the bank with a request, having prepared a package of papers in advance.

The financial institution independently determines which documents are necessary for obtaining a consumer loan for an entrepreneur. The most common list is:

  • from income reports of 3-NDFL filed with the FTS for the last 2 years (current and previous);
  • certificate of the entrepreneur (with a notarized copy);
  • bank statements with the movement of the IP accounts;
  • documentation from suppliers, acts of work performed, other papers testifying to the activities of individual entrepreneurs.

When deciding to involve a guarantor, the borrower must take into account that the list of documentation will be much broader – the list will include papers confirming the identity of the guarantor, his responsibility, solvency, and the amount of monthly income.

The information transmitted in the documents will allow the bank to make a decision on issuing a loan or to refuse the applicant on the basis of insufficient solvency. To take a bank loan, it is important to check that the documents submitted recommended the borrower as a responsible, prosperous citizen who has a stable and sufficient income. The wider the package presented to the lender, the higher the chances of a positive response to the application.